Wireless Internet

Linebaugh Public Library is now offering free wireless Internet access to those with a portable computer and wireless 802.1a or 802.1b/g wireless network adapter. Wireless access is available throughout the library with the best signal on the second floor. Access is also available outdoors in the plaza area adjacent to the main entrance. All wireless users must first obtain a username and password from the upstairs Reference desk. Due to the variety of hardware/software configurations, we cannot provide technical support; however, we do provide some guidance below. For additional help, check your computer’s documentation, or look under Windows Help.

Connecting to the wireless network from Windows XP:
These instructions assume you are using Windows XP Home or Professional edition with Service Pack 2, and Windows is managing your wireless adapter. If your wireless adapter was installed using third-party software, please refer to the software’s documentation.

Go to the start menu, then “settings,” and select “network connections.”  Under network connections, right-click the wireless network connection icon and select “view available wireless networks.”  Select the network named “Linebaugh Library,” and click the connect button at the bottom of the window.  If you are prompted whether you’d like to connect to an “unsecured network,” click “connect anyway.”  For more information on our wireless security, please see the section titled “About Security” at the end of this page.  Once successfully connected, you should see a status of “Connected” and a yellow star as pictured below.


Accessing the Internet:
Once you’ve connected to the wireless network, start your Internet browser.  If asked whether to trust a certificate, click yes.  You should now be at a page prompting for a username and password.  Enter this information in all capital letters from the slip you received at the Reference desk.  If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now be at the Linebaugh Library home page.  Please note that printers are not available on the wireless network.

About Security:
Linebaugh Library does not use encryption on the wireless network.  Although we have taken measures to secure the network, it is not foolproof.  As such, wireless users are advised not to transmit any sensitive information.  The library makes no guarantee on the security of information transmitted, and the decision of whether to transmit sensitive data is at the user’s discretion.  Further, it is the responsibility of the patron to protect their own computers from potential compromise by keeping their software up to date with the latest security patches, using a personal firewall, etc.

Please note: Wireless access is not available at our Smyrna or MGL library branches at this time.


Last Updated: 24 October 2006